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Machine Maintenance

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July 11, 2016 - 10:23pm -- klacomb
We recently changed our machine maintenance program from a paper/binder per team format to an electronic Microsoft Access based program that is accessible shop-wide. The new maintenance board calculates the maintenance operation due dates determined by the frequency required for each machine and operation based upon guidelines by the machine tool builders.

This system allows team leaders to assign their maintenance personnel to the machines for which they will be responsible. The maintenance personnel log in with their own personal password and check off the maintenance operations that they performed. The biggest benefit of this system is the timesavings it has offered to upper management in auditing and verifying the maintenance. Upper management now has a quick snapshot of all maintenance on all of the machines in the shop at their fingertips.

They no longer require someone to walk around to all of the team areas, pull the maintenance binders, and verify that maintenance is being completed in a timely manner. The list on the main page of the program lists out any machines and teams that have maintenance that is past due. Additionally, an email reminder is sent to all team leaders that have maintenance that is past due, and another email is sent a couple days later to the Senior Managers if the delinquencies have not been solved by that point.

The program has been well received by the team leaders and maintenance personnel who are actively making suggestions via the Bug/Suggestion button for improvements to the system. Considering how well the system has worked, we may find a few more applications for a similar system in other areas of the company. This system will also be the first step in taking preventative maintenance to the next level of predictive maintenance cycles as the data can be easily analyzed.