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Dave Fernholz - the go-to guy for difficult CNC machining jobs for over 30 years

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October 14, 2011 - 4:19pm -- Inner Circle

Dave Fernholz is the Plant Manager of Fitzpatrick Mfg. Co. and has been working here since 1976, starting as a part-time high school student sweeping floors. Over time, Dave learned how to operate manual machines, then modern CNC machinery and has extensive knowledge in almost every area of the shop (turning, milling, grinding, etc). His skill to innovate, attention to detail, and ability with computer programs is well recognized by many and that ability is used throughout to help improve processes and job throughput. Dave has been the go-to guy for 30+ years on all difficult and complicated jobs. Along with many others, he has helped to create the systems and controls we use today. He has also developed and taught many classes at Fitzpatrick Mfg. Co. since the early 1990’s. Dave’s outstanding skills at engineering & job processing are only matched by his focus and enthusiasm for his work.