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Todd Luke has been on our machine shop team since the 70’s!

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September 14, 2011 - 4:10pm -- Inner Circle

Todd Luke began his career at Fitzpatrick Mfg. Co. in 1979 as a Co-Op student running miscellaneous machinery. Soon after, around 1980, he began working in the Shipping & Receiving Department as a part-time driver. His logistics skills were soon recognized and by the mid 80’s he had graduated to becoming the Shipping & Receiving Manager. As Fitzpatrick Mfg. Co. and its customer base grew so did the need for a full-time person in charge of all purchasing. We knew instantly the Todd Luke was our man and in the mid-90’s he became our machine shop's Purchasing Manager. His relentless focus on best-price and best-value purchase skills and accuracy in data collection has made Todd an extremely valued employee. In between his very important job purchasing, he also assists in monitoring our “surge work” customers. Last but not least, Todd has been the recipient of our “Iron Man” award since 1996 for the longest running current perfect attendance. His amazing perfect attendance record for the past 15 years reflects his sincere dedication, and he is truly an asset to our company.